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Wholesale E-Cigarettes | Vapage Wholesale
Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes by Vapage

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Vapage Wholesale

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Wholesale E-Cigarettes by Vapage

One of the best places to start is with a Vapage Premium E-Cigarette Kit. This kit includes everything you need to get started!

The Kit includes 3 rechargeable Vapage E-Cigarette; two are classic white that glow red/orange when you inhale, perfectly simulating an ordinary cigarette. The third battery is flat black and glows blue, which looks great, especially at night!
Ten cartomizer are also included. Each cartomizer is filled with delicious flavors and are good for over 200 puffs of enjoyment! This means the kit includes the equivalent of over 10 packs of ordinary cigarettes.

Also included in the Vapage Premium E-Cigarette is a wall charger, a USB charger and a car charger so you will always be ready to vape.

Consumer testing of Vapage Wholesale E-Cigarettes:

Summary: Vapage has great features, the thickest vapor, some of the best feel and taste around – and lots of great wholesale deals. We have also added freshness dating. For all of those reasons, Vapage get our highest of all e-cigarette ratings.
Vapage has the thickest vapor and strongest hit of the e-cigarettes we’ve tested, we found their claim of “the thickest vapor in the business” was spot on. The vapor cloud was thick enough to give a hit that was quite satisfying (particularly with the tobacco flavors), and gave us enormous exhales – we could even blow thick smoke rings with ease. We found that the manual battery (more about that in a later) intensified the smoking experience yet another notch. Vapage e-cigs utilize the two-part design, and to us, that’s always a plus. We always prefer the simplicity of only two components, rather than the complex and somewhat messy methods employed by 3-part designs.

The Vapage Premium Kit that we tested included three batteries: two white and one black battery. Rotating them gave us plenty of time to smoke while one of the batteries recharged. That was convenient enough, but the kit came with everything you would need to get started, from the car charger, USB charger, and wall charger.

On first glance, Vapage has some really interesting model designs. There are the traditional white batteries, of course. But then the battery choices range from chrome, to fully sleek blue, red, pink and black colors are great choices. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, the chrome design is almost futuristic. Vapage definitely isn’t the only company to have an all-blue design, but it’s certainly interesting.

Vapage come in four strengths, from 24 mg of nicotine (high nicotine), 18mg (regular), down through 8mg (light), and 0mg (zero-nicotine); that either lets you choose the strength of your e-cigarette on a regular basis, or lets you taper down gradually if that’s your choice. One other note: Vapage has the option of a manual battery which doesn’t “shut off” like some other e-cigs do, when your inhale goes longer than five seconds; we’re not sure if the issue is one of safety, but we do know that if you want a power hit, Vapage lets you take it.
Vapage cartridges come in a lot of flavors. In fact, it’s one of the biggest varieties on the market with 14 different flavors: RED TOBACCO, CLASSIC TOBACCO, GOLD TOBACCO, MENTHOL, BLUE FROST MENTHOL, COFFEE FLAVOR, CHOCOLATE FLAVOR, VANILLA, CHERRY, PINA COLADA, AND RASPBERRY. Each Vapage cartridge is equal to about one pack of cigarettes.

They also have lots of marketing people on the case, with a seemingly endless number of specials and deals, in addition to the huge choices of looks, flavors and strengths. They also have a number of specialty products for e-cig aficionados who prefer to buy the e-liquid and refill their cartridges, such as ‘drip tips’ in either aluminum or rubber, making the process a snap; flavor samplers to let you decide which you like best; custom-made cartridges allowing you to choose all the specs – the list goes on.

The Vapage VMOD is a unique “mod” that was introduced in 2011 by Vapage to compete with other high priced mods on the market. The Vapage VMOD and VMOD XL produce the thickest vapor we have ever seen. This little mod has the longest battery life by using the 14500 & 18650 batteries that Vapage provides has allowed us to vape for days on end without a single charge. I just love this mod.

To conclude, Vapage produces the thickest vapor and strongest hit, some terrific flavors, convenient accessories – and lots of great wholesale deals. That’s why we give Vapage our highest e-cigarette rating on the market.
Thank you again Vapage -


Wholesale E-Cigarettes by Vapage video:

Vapage offers an Wholesale E-Cigarette program that generates high margin sales. In fact, many of our retailers sell or earn over $10,000 per month. Our program gives you great margins and takes very little counter space.

Vapage distributors receive:
Excellent Profit Margins!
Attractive MSRP Retail prices
Warranty replacement policy
FREE ground shipping for EVERY qualified order
We point customers in your area to YOUR store through our website
Great In-Store & P.O.S. Marketing Materials (FREE!)

Vapage Wholesale E-Cigarette products include:
Premium Electronic Cigarettes
Barfly® Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
Full line of Flavored Refill Cartridges & Nicotine Strengths
Innovative Vaping hardware (VMOD, VMOD XL, Titan, VPRO-T)
E-Liquids for more experienced e-cigarette user

Wholesale E-Liquids by Vapage

Sizes: 15ml
Nicotine Levels:  18mg, 24mg

Classic Tobacco
Red Tobacco
Gold Tobacco
First Strike Tobacco
555 Tobacco
RY4 Tobacco
Flue Cured Tobacco
Cool Menthol
Blue Frost Menthol
Turbo Fog
Vanilla Bean
Maple Syrup
Sour Apple

Vapage Wholesale E-Cigarettes Reviews